Excavator Quick Coupler Bucket Hydraulic quick hitch

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The excavator quick coupler can exchange all kinds of excavator

1, Use material of high hardness; Suitable for different machines of 1-80 ton.

2, Use security device of hydraulic control valve to ensure the safety.

3, Can change the accessories without disassembling the pin and axle. Thus realize faster installation and much higher efficiency.

Excavator Quick coupler/Hitch can be used on the excavators to change every accessory (such as bucket, breaker, shear, and some other attachments.) easily and quickly, which has enlarge the use scope of the excavators and saved a lot of time. With hydraulic type excavator quick coupler. You can change the excavator attachments easily just sitting in the excavator cabin, making your excavator more intelligent and humanized.


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Different excavator quick coupler types:
There are many brands excavator quick couplers all over the world. Different brand manufacturers have different products designs. Generally speaking, we can classify them two types. They are manual type and hydraulic type.


For manual type excavator quick coupler, it is often for mini or small excavators and diggers, which the human power can operate it. While changing the excavator attachments, the operator need to open the lock on the quick coupler by hand power with a spanner. Although it is by human manual, but it is like semi-auto, it is very convenient to change the attachments, comparing to remove all the connect pins on the arm .And especially, it doesn’t install any hydraulic hose or pipeline while install the quick coupler for the excavators.

For hydraulic type digger quick coupler, It can cover all the capacity of the excavators. And the attachments exchanging job can be finished sitting in the excavator cabins very quickly. It will be a little bit complicated to install hydraulic type excavator quick coupler comparing to manual type quick coupler. Some hydraulic hoses and controller need to be installed on the excavators in advance.


other types and their advantage

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And also we have pull type excavator quick coupler, push type quick coupler and casting quick coupler.
The pull type quick coupler is used to mount the attachment using a hydraulic cylinder and is designed to pull the pin of the quick coupler using a cylinder.

pull type and push type

Pull Type
This type of product has the advantage of protecting the cylinder from overload, since the pulling force is divided using the slope of the inclined plate by pulling the pin. It can be mounted on mini excavators as well as 80 ton excavator to the maximum.
Customized manufacture of mini-equipment to medium-sized and large equipment is possible according to the user's demand.


Push Type
The push type is the one in which a cylinder pushed the pin and guarantees easy use due to the wide coverage range between the pin and pin.
This product is designed to push the pin using a cylinder when the attachment is mounted using the hydraulic cylinder when the attachments is mounted using the hydraulic cylinder.
The push type is easy to use since the coverage range between the pin and the pin connected to the H-link is wide.


quick coupler

As a manufacturer, Donghong has both manual and hydraulic type quick coupler for customer to choose, and some of them are patented.
For casting quick coupler, it is integrated molding and is more wear-resistant, longer service life, the lower opening is consistent, more firm, prevent fracture. For the safety pin positioning is more accurate, more safe


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With the right excavator arm and bucket connection dimensions, DHG quick coupler can fit to any brand of excavators, such as CAT, Komatsu, Sany, XCMG, Hyundai, Doosan, Takeuchi, Kubota, Yanmar, Johndeer, Case, Eurocomach… Except.

We offer a comprehensive range of all sorts of excavator attachments, excavator mounted hydraulic breaker, hydraulic grapple, Ripper, hydraulic compactor, hydraulic pulverizer, hydraulic hammer, quick coupler, thumb bucket,


Model Unit DHG-mini DHG-02 DHG-04 DHG-06 DHG-08 DHG-10 DHG-17
Suitable Weight ton 1.5-4 4-6 6-8 14-18 20-25 26-30 36-45
Total Length mm 360-475 534-545 600 820 944-990 1040 1006-1173
Total Height mm 250-300 307 320 410 520 600 630
Total Width mm 175-242 258-263 270-350 365-436 449-483 480-540 550-660
Pin To Pin Distance mm 85-200 220-270 290-360 360-420 430-520 450-560 500-660
Arm Width mm 90-150 155-170 180-230 220-315 300-350 350-410 370-480
Pin Diameter  Φ 25-40 45-50 50-55 60-70 70-80 90 100-120
Weight kg 45 75 100 180 350 550 800
Working Pressure kgf/cm² 40-100 40-100 40-100 40-100 40-100 40-100 40-100
Working Flow e 10-20 10-20 10-20 10-20 10-20 10-20 10-20

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