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Vibratory Plate Compactors are the ideal tool when it comes to compacting on tight repair jobs, trenches, foundations, or slop applications. Vibratory compaction forces the air in the soils to the surface which decrease air pockets making them ideal for the compacting granular materials. These vibratory plate tamper units can apply from 3500 to 40000 pounds of compact force depending on size and model. Each compactor vibrates at around 2000 Cycles per minute or frequency, which has been found to provide optimum compaction for the widest range of granular soils.

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All compactors are equipped with the following:
• Hosing / hydraulic connections at ear
• Standard width and length foot pads (custom dimensions also available)
• Custom and OEM Bolt-On ear assemblies and quick coupler lugs
High vibration force
• Overload protection (increased safety)
• Improved force distribution (higher performance and reduced plate wear)
• Low noise levels
• Permanent lubrication (no interruptions to work)
• Simple positioning on difficult terrain (such as embankments)
• Simple set-up (no need for planking and strutting)

Compactor attachments are designed for effectively compacting soil in trenching, ground leveling, embankment construction, driving in and pulling out posts, sheet piling and other formworks.
The compact design of the plate enables compacting even in hard to reach areas like down in the trenches and on slopes. Shock mounts distribute vibration evenly while keeping the attachment level, increasing stability and improving compaction efficiency.




Our plate compactor is used to compress some types of soil and gravel for construction projects that require a stable subsurface.it can work productively virtually anywhere your excavator or backhoe boom can reach: in trenches, over and around pipe, or to the top of piling and sheet piles.
It can work next to foundations, around obstructions, and even on steep slopes or rough terrain where conventional rollers and other machines either can’t work or would be hazardous to try. In fact, Our plate compactors/drivers can keep workers a full boom’s length from the compaction or driving action, ensuring workers are away from the danger of cave-ins or equipment contact.
As it attaches effortlessly to an excavator, it removes the need for operators to stand directly in the workspace, making it highly effective in hard to reach or even high-risk areas such as over bodies of water or in narrow foundations.

why choose it

Why are hydraulic plates compactors as excavator attachments?
Machine-driven soil compactors work quickly and economically and are easy to operate. Hydraulic compactors can be fitted to standard adapter plates and quick-coupling systems. A compactor attachment creates little noise and offers increased safety, particularly when used in trenches, as there is no longer any need for someone to stand directly in the workspace Optional continuous rotation device makes positioning easy. Productivity can be enhanced, even in terrain which is hard to be accessed.
Finally, this hydraulic compactor is constructed from hard-wearing precision parts, contributing to excellent reliability and the ability to withstand demanding site conditions.

Suitable Excavator: 1 – 60 Ton
After-sales Service: Video technical support, Online support



Model Unit DHG-02/04 DHG-06 DHG-08 DHG-10
Suitable Weight ton 4-8 12-18 19-24 15-32
Pin Diameter mm 45/50 60/65 70/80 90
Impact Force ton 4 6.5 15 15
Max Number for Vibration rmp 2000 2000 2000 2000
Weight kg 300 600 850 850
Working pressure kg/cm² 110-140 150-170 160-180 160-180
Impact size(LxWxT) mm 900*550*25 1160*700*28 1350*900*30 1350*900*30
Oil flow l/min 45-75 85-105 120-170 120-170
Total height mm 730 900 1000 1050
Total Width mm 550 700 900 900

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