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Construction and demolition contractors use a hydraulic thumb for excavators and backhoes to simplify many heavy lifting and moving tasks. The hydraulic thumb is a versatile attachment that can easily pick up bulky materials such as big rocks, debris, trees and logs with precision.

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The hydraulic thumb for backhoes, excavators and mini-excavators are easy to control and open and close with speed and accuracy. Hydraulic thumbs for excavators provide added flexibility over mechanical models and prove more efficient when using the thumb and bucket frequently. The hydraulic thumb provides greater range of motion often up to 180 . This allows the operator to pick and place objects with increased versatility and load control.


DHG series thumbs provide an economical and safe solution to solution to solve job-site material handling needs. Available for immediate shipping for a wide range of mini- excavators, backhoes, and large excavators.




The hydraulic thumb provides an economical, easy to install, solution to your hydraulic thumb applications. We offer a wide range of fixed widths and lengths to best fit your excavator and meet your application’s needs.
● Quick and easy installation.
● Hydraulics enable controlled movement of thumb.
● Thumb easily retracts to stick or can be removed completely when not in use
● Load holding valve helps prevent slippage
● Serrated edge holds material secure to bucket for superior material handling
● Oversized high profile pivot pin prevents twisting
● Material provides strength, durability, and abrasion resistance
● Heavy duty cylinder for the most demanding applications
● Reinforced pivot area provides extra
● The shape of DHG's Strong bucket grapple allows for the handling of various materials such as manure, compost, waste, tires and lightweight residential debris;
● Specially designed big capacity cylinder, integrated control lever with operating buttons;
● Wear and tear resistant special steel is used;
● Safe & Save. Very strong steel can endure hard job, so very safe and save time & money.


Excavator Thumb Specification

Model Suitable Weight(ton) Working Flow(L/min) Working  Pressure(bar) Opening size(mm) Weight(KG)
DM02 4-9 30-90 120-160 1250 270
DM04 4-9 30-90 120-160 1250 270
DM06 12-16 90-110 150-170 1750 750
DM08 17-23 100-140 160-180 2100 1250

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